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American Lutheran Church has a gift for you. You are receiving free access to RightNow Media–the world’s largest library of on-demand Bible study videos. Discover fun shows for kids, training videos on leadership, studies on books of the Bible, and much more. Getting started is easy–see below:

1.    Text – The first option you can simply text RIGHTNOW AMERLC to 41411 from your smart phone. Moments later, you will receive a link that you can follow to set up your account. (Please note that there is a space between RIGHTNOW and AMERLC.)

2.    Universal Link - Members may be excited about this gift, and word will spread quickly to those who may have missed the announcement. In addition to text,  and we will add the link below to our church website. Anyone who visits your church website and clicks that link will be able to set up their account immediately. Our link is:

3.    QR Code – Finally, you will also be able to sign up via QR Code. Our unique QR Code is below. Anyone with a smartphone with a reader app will be able to sign up for an account by opening your phone to the camera and hovering over the code. The phone will then automatically take you to the website to activate their account.

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