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Questions & Answers

Some common questions and answer that we received are:

1)  I would like my child to be baptized.  Where can I find that information?

Please click on this link for our baptismal leaflet.

2)  Do you practice closed communion?

No, ours is an open table.  Meaning all are welcome who believe and trust in the promises of the sacrament.

3)  Do you have confirmation?

Yes, we confirm at the middle school level. For more information about our current confirmation class, please click here. If you are an adult, we also have a brief instructional class.  For more information, please contact the church.

4)  How are you different from other Lutheran churches?

We are a part of the ELCA which stands for the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America.  To read more about what the ELCA is, you can visit their website here.

5)  I am not a member but my daughter wishes to get married in this church.  Where can I find more information?

Please click here to take you to our wedding leaflet or contact the church with scheduling information.

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