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Fun Activities

Here are some fun activities ALC has come up with to help you through this stay at home process.

Scavenger Hunt

Looking for something to do this weekend? A scavenger hunt you say? Why not grab a camera or phone with a camera and hop in the car by yourself, or with another family member or two, for a scavenger hunt? One graphic with this post has directions, the other has the list of items. Hunt you may ... but, please stay in the car (yes, please maintain social distancing for everyone's safety). You could keep the photo on your smart phone to keep list before you.

scavenger hunt.jpg
scavenger hunt1.jpg
Coloring Pages

Would you want to have some activities for children that are related to the Sunday scriptures? These Children's bulletins include opportunities like coloring, connect the numbers, etc. This might be something for children as your family watches our online Worship opportunity this weekend. Children have the capacity to listen while they color! Maybe it is something for adults, too :-) 

Below is an example, you can download all with the buttons following.

coloring page example.jpg
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