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Special Announcement from Our President
Notice of Special Congregational Meeting
ALC Family,
The ALC Congregation Council has voted to approve forwarding a full-time pastoral candidate to serve our congregation. The process of considering the candidate will take place in two steps (both taking place in the fellowship hall):
• On Saturday, April 23rd at 10:30 AM we will host a meet-and-greet event with the candidate to allow you to get to know them better and ask them questions. The event will last approximately an hour and will start by pastor sharing introductory information. This will be followed by an open question and answer period where pastor will answer your questions. A light lunch will follow.
• On Sunday, April 24th after service, ALC Call Committee will formally present the candidate. They will share information that they’ve learned and their recommendation. A video introduction for pastor will also be shown for those who can’t attend the Saturday session. We will hold a special congregational vote meeting to approve issuing a formal call letter. This meeting will require quorum (a minimum of 38 votes) and 2/3 voting approval to issue a formal call. We will then vote to approve the proposed compensation package.
Both the meet-and-greet event and the special meeting are for everyone in the congregation. It would be great to see KIC youth, confirmation age, and more experienced membership all in attendance.
This process is an integral part of our church life. Please make time to participate and inform yourselves prior to this important decision.
Jason Jirovsky
ALC Congregation Council President
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