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Due to COVID-19, we know Easter and Holy Week will look a little different this year.  Find some useful resources below to help you and your family connect to Scripture and tell the story of this special time in your homes.
Holy Week Scavenger Hunt

Fill out this bingo scavenger hunt for Holy Week, in an order you wish!

Easter Resurrection Garden

With Easter just a few weeks away it's a great time to start an Easter resurrection garden. This version only takes a few items: Tray, cup, sticks, glue, dirt, pebbles, large rock and grass seed.
Directions: Add dirt to the tray. Cut the cup in half and place one half in the dirt for the tomb. Cover the cup with dirt. Cut/break your sticks to the length you need. Glue the pieces together to make three crosses. You can also use rubber bands or twine if you don't have glue. Place the crosses in the dirt. Sprinkle grass seed on the dirt. You can place the pebbles and large rock in front of the tomb. Put your garden in a place where it will get direct sunlight and spray it with water daily to watch it grow. When Easter arrives, roll the stone away to reveal the empty tomb!
If you don't have all these items available use your imagination. You can even use plastic Easter grass if you don't have grass seed. 😉
If you make a garden, post a picture so we can stay connected and see what everyone's garden looks like!

Easter Egg Hunt

Have a different kind of egg hunt in your yard.

Jelly Bean Prayer

Use jelly beans to pray through Holy Week.

Holy Week Play Set Instructions

Use this copy of the Holy Week story to make an interactive play set.

Palm Project

Create Palms from whatever you have at home and share your art with us on the Facebook Page or send to Pastor Luther and he will post them. On Palm Sunday, we will use our palms to wave during our Palm Parade as Jesus rides into Jerusalem from home. Can't wait to see what you all create!

Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages

Color your own stations of the cross.  

Holy Week At Home

Here are a few ideas for families of all sizes and ages to connect to the Triduum with a just a few minutes each evening. If you find that three nights of activities are too many, don’t worry! Pick the one activity that resonates the most with you and start there.

Holy Story Stones
Easter Coloring Pages & Word Search

Make your own Holy Week story stones to go along with this text.

Bring some Easter to your fridge, your windows and your rooms!

Resurrection eggs image.jpg
Resurrection Eggs
Holy Week Snack Mix

Use the above image or download the one below to make your own resurrection eggs.

Make a yummy snack that tells the Holy Week story.

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